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Soma, committed to the rapid door, automatic door, purification door and other categories of products research and development, production and sales, is a set of design, production, installation, maintenance services in one of the modern production enterprises.The company gathers the professional elites with innovative consciousness, relies on the modern management idea, the advanced management mode, the abundant research and development ability and the consummation service system, the product quality achieves the international similar product level, has the very strong competitive advantage in the industry.
Professional production of industrial purification door series products (quick rolling curtain door, quick stacking door, industrial door), medical purification products (operating room information panel, medical viewing lamp, medical induction electric gas-tight door), stainless steel purification product series, loading and unloading platform products, door cover products, welding studio and a series of products.The company's products have practical and beautiful, dustproof consumption, strong durability, heat preservation flame retardant and other advantages.Products are widely used in food, electronics, printing, textile, packaging, automotive assembly, chemical, pharmaceutical, refrigeration environment, logistics and warehousing and other places, with its unique function design, tailored for different types of customers.
With the aim of quality survival, innovation and development, customer satisfaction, our products have been widely used in electronics, food, medicine, quantity stores, smart factory workshops and other industries."Good quality, soma made", the company introduced advanced automation technology at home and abroad, advanced equipment, pay close attention to production technology, strive to improve service, strive to make better products, service more customer groups."First-class quality, beautiful appearance" is our pursuit, "small but fine" is our vision.Always adhering to the "people-oriented, innovative and pioneering, the pursuit of excellence" concept of development."Integrity, efficiency, innovation, development" is the consistent commitment of all staff, we will be the most perfect products, the most comprehensive technology, integrity service for every customer. 

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